At BIRD Strength and Fitness our values are:

People (community)

Purpose (teaching)

Structure (accountability)



We are currently accepting applications from those whose values align with ours.

Our goal is to build a team of difference-makers who can teach not only strategy and tactics on how to get fit but embody and share the principles that are the foundations for fitness.

At BIRD Strength we have programs for CrossFit and Semi-Private Personal Training. We are seeking coaches that have a range of knowledge and the confidence to coach across this range of programs if needed.

Please read the following Roles and Responsibilities before moving forward with the Application Process.


BIRD Strength is seeking an amazing personality with both Group Classes and Personal Training experience .

o Must be high energy

o Must not be selfish or self-centered

o Must be a team player

o Must understand that this is a business and in order to help people and provide for all employees, it must be profitable.

o Must have enough belief in the service we provide to ask for the sale and promote services (meaning not afraid to ask clients to do things).

o Must LOVE appreciating customers and giving them an amazing experience to actually retain them and keep them coming back.

o Must give EXCEPTIONAL service.

o Must be active and encouraging on BIRD Strength social media channels.

o Must greet all clients BY NAME within 10 sec of walking into the facility (run over if needed).

o Understanding that the reason it is called work is because the position requires WORK.

o We are NOT a "coach a couple classes and go home" type of gym.


Assist in…

…retention of existing clients through amazing customer service, aiding in responses via text/gym communication systems

...generating new business and leads

…promotion of all internal offers (both supplements and internal specialty programs) and internal events held by the business by announcing them with the intention of getting clients excited before AND after every session. Not done as an afterthought.

…acquiring new customers through targeted referral programs at both internal events and before and after workouts and through digital interactions on social media and texts.

…Keeping a spotless facility (training floor & bathrooms).


Beginning of Shift:

o Set up workouts.

o Always have workout displayed on board prior to clients arriving.

o Make sure all members are accounted for an signed in to the class coachboard.

o Greet customers with a smile emphatically within 10 sec of walking in the door (like Cheers where everybody knows your name).

o Must read over internal promotions of the week so it sounds smooth when presenting it to the clients

o Spot check the facility to make sure nothing is out of place

o Review coaching code of conduct

During Sessions:

o Never be on your cell phone

o You should sweat from motion

o Demonstrate all exercises prior to having anyone start.

o Try and engage with every customer as many times as possible

o Never sit down

o Do not carry items (shaker, water bottle, etc.) with you while you coach

o Do not stay in one spot, constantly pace the room

o Show don’t tell. Demonstrate when someone is having issues.

o If giving physical cues, ask if you can touch the client, and always use knuckles outwards

Between Sessions:

o Reset workouts

o Emphatically greet all new people walking in the door within 10 seconds (people love to hear their own name)

o Prioritize and execute on project tasks (cleaning, programming, marketing)

End of Shift:

o Ensure members wipe down equipment and return equipment to its place.

o Break down workouts.

o Erase/clean board.

o Say goodbye to all customers with a smile emphatically.

o Ensure all internal promo sign ups made it onto internal clipboard.

o Turn off any music/speakers/lights etc. & turn on alarm on way out, and lock with key.

Phew!.... That was a LOT, right?

Yeah, we agree. But if you read this far and liked what you read then you might be a good fit for the role.


Pay structure varies greatly depending on a range of factors including experience, education, credentials, accomplishments and really just how much we like you!

We know everyone starts somewhere so don't be shy, for us we value connection and energy more than tactical ability to coach.

Group Class Coaching rate is between $15-$30 per class

Ongoing semi-private and 1-on-1 personal training payout ranges from $15/hour up plus bonuses depending on experience and the number of clients per session.

So, you're interested in working for us?

We just need a few pieces of information to get the application process started...

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